An Ode to "My President" by Young Jeezy


As a Gucci Mane fan listening to Jeezy is always an issue. It's kind of like being a vegan and drinking milk, except the milk tried to get your favorite carrot robbed for his chain and the carrot had to kill in self defense. So it's a bit of a guilty pleasure.


However we're losing Barack so I had to pay homage to one of the most triumphant songs of our generation, My President is Black.


"My President is Black, My Lambos Blue" is the perfect statement for a trap Nigga who saw the impossible happen. Jeezy is so full of joy he doesn't know what to say. Shit at the end of the track he just names prominent black people like Sidney Poitier and Booker T Washington just to name them.


Jeezy isn't perfect but god dammit he's trying to be the best in his field, whether that be motivating the streets or selling dope, Obama gave him hope to live up to his potential.


Nas also contributes with the most unnecessary Nas verse ever.


I can't believe I'm saying this but Nas could've sat this one out. He could've just spoke at the end but no, he had to call a stripper a Pole-litician. I feel like Jeezy rapped with his heart while Nas thought too hard about what to say. So as a result Nas comes off more awkward than he did trying to act in Belly.

Jeezy might have tried to have my favorite rapper killed but he really made a song that perfectly captures the feeling of witnessing America's first black President. I will always appreciate this, thank you Jeezy. 


And thank you Barack, for everything.