Run the Jewels 3


Run The Jewels is a lot like an Buddy Cop movie. El P and Killer Mike are two completely different personalities with totally different styles but they mesh well somehow.

The first RTJ was like a fun shock like Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter Sandwiches. The second was like a gang handshake, elaborate but dangerous. RTJ3 is kind of like an aging Wrestling Tag Team, the chemistry is crisp but they seem kind of tired and fat. 

A lot happened between RTJ 2 and 3, Killer Mike became a political figure and El-P made a remix album featuring cats, but most importantly the group got older. RTJ is two grown ass men with families rapping about some wild shit.

This tape is like some shit you'd listen to at a Protest as you look around for a good spot request an Uber from when it gets "too late". If you have revolutionary ideas but still gotta keep your blood sugar in check this album is for you.

There's a lack of hope in this go round. Where the duo used to sound angry and ready for change, they just sound angry.

This is kind of like watching the Celtics/Heat playoff series in 2012. Run the Jewels is the Celtics and the evil of the world is the Heat. No matter their best efforts these wily  veterans can't seem to get over.

This is not to say that the record isn't good. Killer Mike is an amazing rapper who's versatility is out of this world. El-P is good too but his strength is that he's white trash. Like you know he's smoked PCP before and he's awesome for it.

Killer Mike and El P have never sounded better and that's what makes this album unfortunate. It's kind of like a swan song, like a last hurrah to end the trilogy. In time I might appreciate it more, but today is not the day.

I give this 7.5 Shaq Icy Hot Commercials out of 10.