When I first heard the Migos, I thought they were trash. Thenrealized I was just a trash person and finally accepted their greatness.

Quavo, Takeoff and Offset made it fun to sell drugs. Trap Houses became Bandos and Extended Clips became Extendos. When No Label 2 dropped it was great time in all of our lives, I bought a versace ring and a gold tooth; I thought I was unstoppable.

Unfortunately Offset got locked up and I lost my gold tooth in the grass. So when their debut album Yung Rich Nation released, the vibe wasn’t right.

The Migos are not a group, they are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of Trap music. 

They are Voltron, but instead of being tigers they’re drug dealers and instead of becoming a giant Robot they form into Gucci Mane. When Offset was locked up the sauce was gone.

Flash forward to 2017, Bad and Boujee is the number one song in the nation and the Migos are global stars. Nothing can stop them, now is the time for C U L T U R E.

This is not the album that’ll get you into Migos. If you hated Versace or Hannah Montana, you won’t lose your mind over T-Shirt. Listening to this album if you’ve never liked Migos is like having your Gin and Tonic turn into Hennessy and Cranberry as it’s going down your throat. It's not a great transition.

But if you already like the Migos, you’re gonna love this shit.

Culture is a really fun album, it's a great soundtrack for going to a strip club after getting ghosted and finding out private dances are half off.

This album lacks structure. Not in a bad way tho. It feels like someone poured a bunch of legos on the ground and let the Migos just build whatever they want. Oh you mixed the Star Wars set with the Harry Potter set and made a DeathEater Star? That's Dope.

The only clear structure is the intro, which you only know is the intro because there's an unnecessary DJ Khaled rant. Like alot is made of Lil Uzi Vert's verse on Bad and Boujee but it fits way better than this Khaled rant. Real talk Khaled could've stayed home putting cocoa butter on his newborn son and talking about keys.

The Migos are amazing at making Underdog Trap Music, every song basically is “you never believed I could sell this much dope but here I am bitch”. The only kicker is everyone has always loved them so it doesn't make sense. They're angry winners.

This tape is dedicated to having an unnecessary chip on your shoulder. Basically this is album is for Tom Brady.

At the end of the the day, I like this album, the Migos are arrogant, Young Rich Niggas and they are everything I hope to become when I hit my midlife crisis. I give Culture 8.5 pairs of ripped jeans out of 10.