Big Sean-I Decided

Big Sean is one of my favorite rappers. 

I’ve followed his entire career since Finally Famous Vol 1. He sounded like Nick Cannon and I was living in an apartment with nothing but an office chair and Dudley Boyz table, we’ve both come a long way. Dark Sky Paradise was his best work in my eyes and it cemented Sean in my eyes one of my favorites.

So when "I Decided" came out, I was pretty excited. 

This is a solid album. That’s pretty much all I can say. Big Sean’s biggest strength and weakness is that he always wants to do better,so sometimes he sacrifices the present for the future. 

Big Sean is the type of person who thinks about his next girlfriend while he’s out with his current girlfriend. On I Decided he’s constantly trying to test out new flows and schemes for future songs instead of just focusing on making the best songs now. So as a result he’s rarely in the moment and ends up making corny ass punchlines. 

Also this album is Depressing as Fuck. 

Dude just doesn’t sound happy at all, and it makes me wonder why he’s so miserable, he’s dating Jhene Aiko, he’s got his own sneaker and he got to move OUT OF Detroit. He should be on cloud 9 drinking green smoothies and buying Champagne on Tuesday Afternoons. But Sean is always miserable because he’s never satisfied with what he has. 

Part of me thinks that Sean’s misery is the Kanye effect, basically anything Kanye goes through the rest of Good Music goes through. Kanye suffers from Depression so now Sean has to suffer through depression. However I don’t know how true this theory is because 2 Chainz is still drinking chamomile tea and playing with Pugs. 

I Decided is like a B+ Paper that you’re angry wasn’t an A. If you wanna be self critical and depressed in the happiest moments of your life, this is the album for you. 

Just got that dream job but mad you didn’t get it sooner? Listen to I Decided. Had sex on your birthday but mad you didn’t have sex with a supermodel? Listen to I Decided! Get Engaged but mad you didn’t get enough FB likes to legitimize your relationship? Listen to I Decided! 

A part of me really loves this album but this is the same part of me that needs anti anxiety medication to stop impulsive behavior. 

This isn’t as good as Dark Sky Paradise but Sean is moving forward, so I give this 6.5 Dad Jokes out of 10