Future is a villain, he is not a sympathetic character, he is the antagonist that we all love. He's Dennis from Always Sunny In Philadelphia with better hair; He's is at his best when he's hurting people, not when he's hurt.

The fact that Ciara left him for the man of every Christian Aunt's dreams destroyed Futures ego, and as a result the music suffered. He phoned a lot in. 

Future was so mad at Russell Wilson that he went out of his way to steal an athletes girl. The crazy part was that it wasn't even another NFL player, he slept with Scottie Pippens wife. Like...who has beef with Scottie Pippen? Shit even Jordan loves Scottie Pippen and he hates everyone.

But I digress, this act of evil gave Future the motivate to drop not one but 2 TWO comeback albums; FUTURE and HNDRXX.

Stylistically these two albums are quite different as they represent the two sides of future. One is heartless while the other is filled with guilt. It's kind of like Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde if they both sipped lean and got an R&B singer pregnant.

On FUTURE he brags about stealing your girl, on HNDRXX he's begging her to believe in him. He's a bad guy, but he's got a heart, which is cool but manipulative like a High school drug dealer.

As I said before Future is a terrible person, but it's exciting. Listening to Future is like watching Darth Vader cry while he blows up planets. FUTURE and HENDRXX would make the perfect soundtrack to building the Death Star.

If you ever wanted to date a girl and then tell her a sob story about how you just can't get right so she's too busy crying to see you stealing out her purse; this is the double album for you.

You can call Future a lot of things, a bad father, a bad boyfriend, a bad role model, and possibly a bad friend ( he seems like he takes too long to Venmo you back for drinks) but you cannot call him a bad artist. I give FUTURE HNDRXX 6.5 dropped defamation cases out of 8.