Rico Nasty - Anger Management

Rico Nasty is a dope name. Seriously, if I wanted to be a porn star that exclusively wears Timbs or a Puerto Rican Captain Planet Villain, I’d call myself Rico Nasty. In actuality Rico Nasty is a pretty cool female rapper who just doesn’t give a fuck. I like that.

If I had to describe Rico Nasty’s rap style I’d say it’s like if Angelica Pickles and Susie Charmichael did the Fusion dance while someone made beats. She’s got this frenetic, almost chaotic flow that just works. She reminds me of ScHoolboy Q on every song he has with A$ap Rocky, and I rock with it.

After a mixtape and some singles Rico’s gained enough attention to drop her album Anger Management.

So let’s get to it.

Rico Nasty makes good music for moments when you wanna be mad but can’t. Anger Management is a great soundtrack for being in a Urgent Care Clinic waiting room. While there is a lot of aggression in the music, there’s also a subtle vulnerability there. I don’t think Rico is out here fighting people on the street as much as she’s frustrated with various situations. This is introvert music. If you’ve ever felt so furious but couldn’t vocalize it because you’d lose your place in a Starbucks line, this album is for you.

This album isn’t all lyrics though; we gotta give credit to the beats. Kenny Beats is a dope producer. There’s few moments better than a good rapper and a good producer creating something special. I haven’t seen a white man get along with a black woman like this since Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in the Bodyguard. Seriously, it’s gonna be mad white dudes with red beards trying to get at Black women by talking about Rico.

Overall this album is pretty solid. There’s not a lot of substance but it does let you get your anger out. Rico Nasty has a bright future, if everything goes right she might become the Eminem of frustrated Black Girls across America and Black Girls need a hero like that.

Anger Management is cool, I give it 7 china slippers out of 10.