Megan Thee Stallion - Tina Snow

It bugs me that women call themselves “Stallions”. By definition, Stallions are Uncastrated Male Horses. So super fine women are comparing themselves to big dick horses. That shit is so gr-*looks up Megan Thee Stallion*-nah she can call herself whatever she wants.

Fam. Megan Thee Stallion is fine as hell. She has the swag of that intimidating girl in high school who doesn’t remember your name even though you’ve sat next to her in every homeroom since 7th grade. Megan is 6 feet tall, finer then frog hair and raps her ass off. Seriously, listening to her makes me understand why niggas sell drugs; you gotta do something to buy her the happiness she deserves.

Megan got men and women across America falling in love with her, one freestyle at a time. As we all sit back and anticipate her new mixtape Fever, I figured now was a good time to write about her 2018 EP: Tina Snow.

After my first play I’ll admit, this is good. The sound quality isn’t amazing but Megan raps with enough enthusiasm to make up for it. Seriously, you can hear the effort Megan’s putting in, she treats every song like it’s the single that’ll change her life. It’s really appreciated as you can see she’s trying to figure out how to make a HIT. I really like that.

Some artists rest on their likability and hope that gets them onto the charts, unfortunately these artists end up disappearing. Megan wants to be great and she’s working to make sure her spot is solidified. It’s really admirable. Some people* just wanna work to get 1 million IG followers and start selling flat tummy tea, Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t want that. (*I’m some people, please let me sell tea, I have many debts)

The aggression on this tape can’t be understated. This is that “I got that nigga to eat me out and then kicked him out” music. If you start playing Tina Snow on a woman’s iPhone the read receipts automatically turn on. This is the music you play on a loud speaker to break a Hotep terrorist suspect. Megan has a great future, I hope Feverhas that single that really pushes her into the stratosphere.

I give Tina Snow 7 “White women can’t find out about this” texts out of 9.