Bad Bunny - X 100PRE

I swear I don’t know how it happened. I was getting dressed and ready for work. Then I saw I got a package with a dangly earring in it and the next thing I knew I was listening to Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny is like my long lost brother. I swear me and him are the same kind of person. He was the first to have Ric Flair in a video and just last week he didn’t realize he won an award because he was too busy on his phone. That’s some Me shit right there. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also takes apple cider vinegar shots in the morning or wears baggy hoodies to pretend he’s a ghost. We are kindred spirits.

I know it came out in December 2018, but I have no choice but to review Bad Bunny’s album X 100PRE.

First things first. I do not speak Spanish. So I do not understand one word of anything he’s rapping about. However, I am fluent in vibes; Bad Bunny speaks in vibes.

I rock with this album yo, I know this shit is dope because the minute I pressed play my dangly earring started swinging back and forth like a du-rag caught in the breeze. This is that music you listen to when the nigga at the Bodega gives you blunt wraps for $1 instead of $10 because he rocks with you. This is green plantain music; throw your French fries in the trash when you got this playing.

I caught myself floating through the subway as I listened to this. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t understand the words, I FELT them. I don’t know what Otra Noche en Miami means but when Bunny sang the hook to that shit I made the ugly “this nigga is spitting FACTS” face. This is real proof of the power of music: I don’t care what he’s actually saying, I care what I’m feeling. Now, to be fair if he’s out here rapping about a flat tax or how “all lives matter”, we would have a problem, but I trust Bad Bunny. He’s too cool not to have faith in.

Bad Bunny gives me the same vibes Stromae gave me in 2015. I feel like a citizen of the world listening to this. I want to start wearing Robin’s Jeans (google it) and only eat Goya products. I feel cultured as hell and I love it. This album is a treat and it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish, give this shit a listen.

Usually I think of a criticism for an album but this time I can only think of criticisms for myself. Halfway through this album I was mad that I stopped going to Dominican barbershops even though those niggas pushed my hairline back further than Republicans have pushed back women’s reproductive rights. I really might have to get duolingo and get these Spanish lessons popping.

Overall I rock with Bad Bunny and X 100PRE is a dope album. I give it 9 sets of waxed eyebrows out of 10.