ScHoolboy Q - CrasH Talk

I can’t think of one person who hates ScHoolboy Q.

This may because he’s generally beloved or it could because my social media algorithms know who I don’t need in my life. But the statement stands, I don’t know anyone who hates ScHoolboy Q.

Where most artists have huge rollouts to hype up new music, Q doesn’t need too much. He just raps, does a couple interviews and goes about his business. I think I admire ScHoolboy because it doesn’t seem like he needs any real validation. As an insecure comedian, this is a trait I wish I had.

This week ScHoolboy Q’s album CrasH Talk dropped. Let’s get into it.

I have a moment every time I listen to ScHoolboy Q albums where I ask myself if the excitement I have for the album is overshadowing the album itself. Like, remember when were so excited to watch Arrested Development Season 4 that we ignored the bad plot or Portia Di Rossi’s face? That’s how I feel listening to Q. The first run through I’m so excited to hear ScHoolboy Q that I don’t LISTEN to ScHoolboy Q. It takes me on average 4 spins to finally hear the songs for what they are.

With that said, this shit is dope. There’s a chaotic focus here, like I could get a neck tattoo listening to this (I won’t, mom seriously, I won’t get a neck tattoo).  Q is constantly working on ways to change his sound and tell his story in different ways. He upgrades with subtlety like the Facebook app, except he’s not made out of pure evil. This is a man who loves his craft and as a fan, I really appreciate it.

The features on this are also hella dope too. Some people are a complete surprise but no one disappoints, it’s like being at your weed dealer’s birthday party.

I can’t think of much wrong with this Album, are there points he could’ve gone harder? Probably. But ScHoolboy is super consistent like a pair of Chuck Taylors in the summer. I really rock with this shit. It does feel kind of light though, it could be a little longer and an interlude would give it more weight, its not necessary.

CrasH Talk is a really fun album, it’s good for the spring and summer, it’s like a light cologne. Except instead of smelling like lilacs and musk it would probably smell like swishers.

I give it 8.5 Brown Paper Bags Out Of 10.