Khalid - Free Spirit

Every few months I think about seeing Khalid in concert. I think it’d be a real cool mellow vibe; intimate if you will. Then without fail, I go to check his tour schedule and I see Khalid’s booked Madison Square Garden.

How the hell did Khalid get so popular?

I know the nigga’s good but yo, he sells out Arenas. The Sacramento Kings can’t even do that and all those niggas can dunk. It blows my mind. Every time I listen to Khalid I think I’ve stumbled on a secret, and every time I tell someone about him they look at me like I just discovered Starbucks.

But enough of that! This young chubby nigga with a Paul from Tekken flat top dropped a new album. So let’s talk Free Spirit.

Khalid is really good at making Friendzone music. Like if you’ve ever been into someone and not known how to make that friendship into something that involves mouths touching, listen to Khalid. Every song sounds like he sang it without making eye contact with anyone. He makes music for Girls who have Boyfriends that aren’t threatened by his presence...but 100 percent should be.

Seriously this is the music of a man you KNOW texts women “good morning, i hope you’re feeling better” . This is perpetual nice guy music. Khalid makes music for Niggas who pick flowers before Tinder dates.

However, Khalid is more than just “what if I kissed” you Jams. He likes to get introspective from time to time. If I was 19 listening to this music I would’ve definitely had some of his lyrics tattooed in cursive on my forearm. But instead I’m 30 and I’m a little bit afraid of the fact I relate to this 22 year old as much as I do. Seriously lil buddy is 23 years old and self reflects like it’s no ones business. If you can’t afford a therapist I recommend listening to “Self” in the mirror like 3 times. That won’t solve your problems but it’ll help you understand them.

I really rock this album, my only fear is that everyone’s gonna like it. Now I know that sounds like shitty hipster jargon and it kind of is. But hear me out. There are songs here that will have special places in everyone’s hearts; do you really wanna hear the song you finally kissed your crush to in a commercial for Taco Bell? Do you wanna hear the song that got you out of that post Avenger’s Endgame depression in a Lululemon? These songs are special but they’re too accessible.

Now is it Khalid’s fault that his music is good for everyone? No. Will he be happy to make as much money as he wants to buy more mismatched Camo outfits? You are god damn right. I guess the takeaway here is that, this is really special music and I really don’t want anything to take away from it.

Free Spirit is the soundtrack of my Spring. Khalid can do no wrong in my eyes. I give Free Spirit 11.5 “Really? Your boyfriend hates me?” Texts out of 12.