Teyana Taylor - KTSE

Teyana Taylor is one of the most talented people in GOOD Music. When Drake said Pusha wasn’t top 5 on the label,  he was talking about Teyana. She can sing, she can dance and you can tell she can fight.

Teyana Taylor is like the BFF from every coming of age movie where the main character Ignores her cuz there’s a prettier chick who doesn’t wear Timbs and call him “my guy”. But after that prettier girl turns out to be an idiot who just wants to get pregnant so she can get his lottery ticket, Teyana shows up all glowed up with a dress on and proves “she was the girl all along”. Yea Teyana is that girl in real life.

Teyana Taylor lives a seemingly perfect life, she’s beautiful and married to a beautiful NBA player (who she can def beat up) and probably got a better sneaker collection than me. They have a beautiful family and loving relationship. Plus they fuck, a lot, seriously read her IG captions. No lie a potential sextape is more anticipated than her album, but I digress, let’s get into KTSE.

Teyana can sing about the purest love and the filthiest sex with the same energy, it’s almost angelic. There were some moments on KTSE I felt myself floating. This is an album that you play in the car when you pick your girl up from the airport. Well..almost.
It’s too short.

Teyana sounds rushed at some places, she’s a complex individual but instead of getting the time she needs to properly express herself she’s limited. It feels like someone trying to do a 15 minute set in a 5 minute spot.

I really wish she had more songs because “Work This Pussy” is so out of left field. She reminds me of that girl in Dont be a Menace that Loc Dog fucks in the mail truck. I don’t know what just happened but I’m scared. If she had more songs she could work her way up to “Work This Pussy” but unfortunately she hit the limit of Ye’s attention span and suffered because of it.

No lie it feels like Kanye was like “hey Teyana you wanna do your album? Cuz you gotta record the whole thing RIGHT NOW” and he just started recording while she was holding her baby and texting her husband “😘🍆🍑”. This album doesn’t reach its potential and that is in no way Teyana’s fault. I really think that Kanye’s didn’t fully understand how Teyana is genuinely happy in a life with no bad press and no invasive plastic surgery.

I’ve heard that there’s a longer version of this album, but at this point it’s in the same place as Drake’s 2nd response to Pusha and Detox; it exists in theory. I really hope it gets released though, Teyana deserves it, we deserve it, THE WORLD DESERVES IT.

KTSE had the potential but it’s unfinished. Lowkey I feel like I can’t really judge it until I hear the whole thing, but since that might never happen I gotta call it like I see it. I give KTSE 6 “if you cheat on me I’ll kill us all 🙃” texts out Of 10.