Kanye West Kid Cudi- KIDS SEE GHOSTS

Kanye andKid Cudiactually have the brotherhood we all thought Kanye andJay Zhad. They link up, they fight, and then they cry together. They’re like the Dandy Mafia in the season finale of Claws. They’re a mess but they would die for each other.

When word came that Kanye and Cudi would drop an album together skinny pants niggas across the world lost their minds before the reality set in that promises like this have been made before; this album might live in the shadow realm with Detox and Jill Steins election results.

But sure enough this month we were finally given what we were promised. KIDS SEE GHOSTS.

It took me a while to get to reviewing this album. Every time I listened to it I felt like I wasn’t in the right space to fully understand. But today I woke up and felt exhausted even though I slept a full 7-8 hours, nothing I had felt good to wear and the thought of buying sneakers didn’t excite me. In this cloudy state of mind a stray ray of sunshine hit me: I was finally depressed enough to understand KIDS SEE GHOSTS.

Usually I listen to an Album beginning to end to see the artists thought process. With Kids See Ghosts I decided to put it on shuffle because both of these Niggas are all over the place. Plus it’s only 7 songs long so shuffling the tape wouldn’t really ruin too much. I gotta say it was a fun experiment because I am really enjoying this album.

This is the album you listen to when you oversleep and panic about being late to work before you realize it’s Saturday and you’ve been unemployed for 3 months. This is an album dedicated to enjoying uneasiness. Kanye never feels more free than when his with Cudi, no idea seems too crazy. Poopity Scoop becomes KAKAKAKAKAKA, Cudi brings the best out of Kanye and Kanye gives Cudi the space to embrace his fractured spirit.

Lyrically this album isn’t incredible but one Kid Cudi Wooahowoaahhh is better than most 16s. This is an emotionally driven album. You have to leave your logic at the door listening to this. This album isn’t for everyone. If you’ve never felt so out of control of your life you really consider joining the Army, you won’t fully understand what’s happening.

This album feels like a conversation between two people who met in a mental hospital and I mean that in the best way possible. 2018 Kanye has said some really dumb shit but making mental health a real focus in his music is incredible. This albums major message seems to be “I don’t feel okay, but it’s okay that I know I’m not okay, because I’m going to keep trying to be okay”.

I love this album. Reborn damn near made me break down in tears. I wouldn’t recommend listening to this everyday though. This isn’t 9-5 regular listening. It isn’t fun; it’s medicinal. This album is like a weighted anxiety blanket, it’s a lot to take but when you’re wrapped up in it nothing else matters.

KIDS SEE GHOSTS is an emotionally brave album. I wouldn’t be surprised if people got lyrics from this album tattooed on them. With that said Kanye and Kid Cudi should only make an album together once every 10 years because this is a lot to take in. There’s powerful things happening here. I give KIDS SEE GHOSTS 9 Anxiety Dreams Out Of 10.