City Girls - Period

I’m not gonna lie y’all I’ve tried to write this review for 3 months. Everytime I start I feel like I can’t truly express the greatness I’m listening to.

When I first heard the name City Girls I honestly was expecting some Bubble Gum rap. Like “tee her we say Pussy once in a while”. Nope. That’s not what’s happening here.

You know how all the members of the LOX combined are Biggie? The way all the members of Migos combine into Gucci Mane? The way all of N Sync combines into a fraction of Justin Timberlake’s career? Well that’s how I feel about the City Girls and Trina. These two bad bitches combine into the BADDEST BITCH.

So with no further ado, let’s get into “Period”.

Simply put. These bitches go HARD.

I used to think Gangsta Rap was intimidating  but hearing a 2 beautiful women rap about breaking my heart and ruining my credit for up to a decade is way scarier than hearing Project Pat beating me up in prison. This shit is bananas. This the music that got the Claremontt Twins jammed up. This the kind of music you listen to before you go on a date with a Nigga you don’t like cuz you’re hungry.

The City Girls Rap with a confidence that scares men. The confidence they rap with is is the confidence white women would’ve had if Hillary won the electoral vote. This shit makes me feel the way woman felt listening to Soldier by Destiny’s Child; it’s scary but exciting.

Honestly I can’t think of any faults to this, listening to women rap bold about sexuality is empowering. This music makes me wish I had a daughter that I could empower to truly activate her bad Bitch prowess. Actually the only fault I can think of is that this tape makes me wanna say “Bitch” all the time the way rap makes white people wanna say the N-word.

Beyond that I love this album, this the kind of shit that makes you wanna request Uber Blacks. I think everyone woman who listens to rap should listen to City Girls, matter fact every dude that listens to rap should listen to City Girls too. If a nigga gets mad at the content ask them how they felt about the song “Suck It Or Not”.

Trina should be proud that she inspired some future legends. This is the music Love and HipHop chicks think they’re gonna make when the fuck Rich Dollaz in the bathroom. I give Period 9 shoplifted Rainbows Tank Tops Out Of 10.