Future - Beast Mode 2

I like Future, I don’t Love Future.

Future makes music for the niggas that say “man fuck that bitch” out loud instead of crying when a woman doesn’t text them back. Every dude that claims to have no feelings for women and moves on to the next prays to Future like a God. To be fair they should, he doesn’t say a lot but Future finds unique ways to mix heartbreak, drug abuse and trapping in every song. It’s like watching an episode of Chopped where the surprise ingredient is always lean. “How does he do it?”

Future is a talented guy that treats women poorly enough to cause emotional pain but not poorly enough that they gotta get restraining orders against him so dudes will always support him. So when he revealed that Beast Mode 2 was coming out this month, his fan base lit up like a Christmas tree and got ready for another sermon from Father Future.

Here’s what I thought of Beast Mode 2.

It’s OK. It’s a very strong average. Future can put a song together and Zaytoven will play the piano for Jesus during the second coming so this tape is Alright. I think what attracted me to Future’s music at first was he seemed real bummed out that he couldn’t change his ways. But now it sounds like he’s bummed out people won’t accept the fact that he won’t change his ways. Futures music is like that meme of the guy riding a bike who jams a stick into the wheel and cries cuz he fell. Like, you can solve these issues yourself.

Drake makes music for Niggas that text their ex “Happy Birthday”, Future makes music for Niggas that get upset that their Ex has Happy Birthdays. Plus Future adds a dose of trapping to keep it authentic.

When Future is extremely motivated he finds a way to talk about complex emotions that allows niggas to feel strong for feeling weak. Future got the power to make Niggas cry forreal, but on Beast Mode 2 he doesn’t fully tap into it. Beast Mode 2 is like playing 2K with the Lakers and keeping LeBron on the bench, it succeeds but it makes things more difficult than need be. This is the kind of music I’d play in an Uber when I could’ve easily taken the train.

There’s a lot of points it sounds like Future is phoning it in, he doesn’t want to rap. I think he realized his fans weren’t women that felt his pain as much as it’s dudes in overpriced Jordan’s who’s high school crushes just got married. He wants empathy but all his fans just want songs to put in the background of “I don’t care if you don’t text me back” IG videos to. That’s gotta suck.

Overall Beast Mode 2 isn’t as good as the original. It has its moments but overall it’s pretty average. I give “Beast Mode 2” 4 “why this chick watching my IG story and not answering my texts?” Out Of 9.