Freddie Gibbbs- Freddie

Everytime I hear Freddie Gibbs I ask myself why I don’t listen to more Freddie Gibbs.

Freddie Gibbs is one of the most underrated rappers in the game. He’s always consistent, he’s funny in interviews and he’s gangsta as FUCK. Freddie Gibbs was the first person to make me realize Gary, Indiana was no joke. No lie, I thought Indiana was all Reggie Miller fans and Michael Jackson brothers but luckily Gangsta Gibbs paints a vivid ass picture.

I could go on and on about how dope Freddie Gibbs is but this is an album review so, let’s get into his new EP “Freddie”.

Freddie Gibbs makes music that makes you want to commit crimes. Not every crazy shit, I listened to this and started Jaywalking and googling how to lie on my Taxes. Seriously, the effort he puts into his flows and aggression is incredible. He takes the time to add the little details that make me believe this shit really happened. Anyone calls turning a Bando into a Traphouse “renovating” is a genius. (Gives me hope in getting my “this old traphouse” sketch made)

Freddie Gibbs is like the James Harden of Gangsta Rap, he makes this shit look so easy yet so intimidating at the same time. With that Harden analogy out there, he’s also been close to true greatness but falls a bit short.

Freddie Gibbs is real deal talented but he’s never had that single to get him mainstream success. Maybe it’s me but Freddie does not have a underground flow. Anytime I picture a Freddie Gibbs concert I picture mad white dudes in Team Jordan’s trying not to say nigga. Gibbs should have access to a bigger audience, he’s better than shitty fan who’s dad might’ve voted for Trump but his Uncle DEFINITELY did.

The issue is that Freddie isn’t great with Hooks, rapping is so essential but a good Hook makes a good song. So instead of picking up a casual fan the only people who really Freddie REALLY enjoy Freddie Gibbs. Which is good to sustain off of but not enough to make it to the next level.

Overall I liked Freddie a lot, it served its purpose as an EP because now I’m really excited to see what his album looks like. Shoutout to all the white Bros who listen to Gibbs before they play Fortnite. I give Freddie 7 bags of Backwood guts out of 10.