Eric Bellinger - Eazy Call

Eric Bellinger is who I want to be at 32. In shape, tatted up and friends with famous people.

To be honest, I had no idea who Eric Bellinger was til recently. I’d see his name pop up on ShadeRoom from time to time and I figured he was some reality stars Baby Daddy. After some research I found out he’s a Grammy award winning writer who’s worked with a ton of popular artists. 

I have a soft spot for writers because they’re so talented even though people usually care so little. Plus he dresses like he gets paid in Bonobos Shirts so I figured I’d give Eric Bellinger’s album Eazy Call.

I’m not an expert in R&B but this got some jams. Forreal, I could hear one of these songs in a Love and HipHop scene. Like you know those scenes where one of the “manager” niggas pulls up in a rental to spit game at an aspiring rapper/singer/IG Star? This album is the perfect soundtrack to that. It’s light, bops but has an air of mischief. Imagine Woody Woodpecker in some Brunch Boots, that’s the vibe of this album.

This is what Uber drivers play during club let out to make sure all the girls give them 5 Stars and their Snapchat names.

I give Eric credit because it’s harder to break into R&B than it is to break into mainstream rap. I can believe anyone when they say they shoot guns or get high, but believing a nigga who says he’s both fucking mad chicks and stressed over one chick is way tougher. It would help if he had a duet or two on the tape. It’s way easier to believe a dude got hoes if a chick accuses him of having hoes  

Eric Bellinger sings the songs Jamie King would sing if he quit the Hotel and broke up with Fancy on the Jamie Foxx show. He’s got  talent, but he doesn’t have enough to carry this tape solely on his voice. The songs are good but they aren’t memorable. If this album was a shoe it would be the Jordan 14. It’s sleek, it’s cool, but it won’t stand out next to some 4s. 

Overall Eric Bellinger made a great effort, I will give this album a few spins but the minute Chris Brown drops an album shorter than the Passion Of Christ I’ll move on. I give Eazy Call 7 pairs of Light Brown Chelsea boots out of 12.