Saba - Care For Me

When I first heard the name Saba I thought it was a chick. When I found out it was actually a guy I got excited cuz I knew me and him could probably relate.

“Everyone thinks your name is feminine huh? No bullshit I know a female Tawanda/Saba and she’s dope so it’s weird”

But I digress, after some research I saw that Saba had a little buzz as he’s been featured on some Chance the Rapper songs. So I decided I’d give his album Care for Me a spin.

I like it.

Chicago gets a lot of bad press, white pundits like to bring it up as the mascot city of Black on Black violence every time racism is brought up. The media likes to portray its residents as savages who will kill for nothing. This makes the music of the city so much more important. Saba’s Chicago is not a war zone, it’s more complicated than that. Sure, he can fight but he doesn’t have to be a gangsta to survive. Listening to this album lets me know I could live in Chicago too, I’d just have to keep my head down and wear Team Jordan’s.

The beats on this album are all a little melancholy but Saba rides them with an optimistically relaxed flow. This is the type of music you’d listen to on a rainy day with no umbrella. It’s not an ideal situation but you can only get so wet before you have to find a bright side.

Saba raps about dealing with difficult women, insomnia and the stress of trying to make it as an artist. It’s not a happy situation but he finds joy in his situation. He raps about his struggles with his head held high. This is music that’ll get you through the second half of the overnight shift, sure it’s not ideal but that overtime check is gonna be SWEET.

Overall this album is pretty good. Sometimes when Saba gets really passionate he raps a little off beat but it’s not at Silkk The Shocker levels so it’s tolerable. Saba has potential to be great, his dreads still ain’t lock so I know he’s got some growing to do, but it’s going to be a interesting process to watch.

I give Care For Me 6 Packets Of Harold’s Mild Sauce Out Of 8.