At first glance Lil Xan looks like every suburban parents nightmare. He's a mumble rapper with face tattoos and he's named after the pills republican families use to stay together. However if you look a little deeper you'll find a young kid who got a lot of hate for saying 2Pac is boring.

Yep, Lil Xan is the next generation of rapper. I can't think of too many reasons why I'd want to listen to him but this quarter life crisis won't live itself so lets get into TOTAL XANARCHY. 

I didn't know what to expect from this album but I knew there would be points I'm very confused, and boy oh boy was I right. There's some songs where I legit have no idea what he's talking about. No hate no shade but on some songs he raps worse than I tell stories when I'm drunk. There are moments where I really just want the song to end so we can move on. Some of the beats are cool though, like this is what you'd get high to in the mall parking lot when you're on break from Zumiez. 

I can tell from the Bad Grill and long hair that Lil Xan makes music for the kid who's best known for how wasted they can get. So his fanbase is filled with future addicts, which is surprising because Lil Xan is very anti Xanax abuse. We need more of that. Xanax is causing a lot of problems for a lot of people and we need more rappers to be vocal about abusing Benzos (RIP Lil Peep). What's also really cool is that beneath the slurred flow and ambivalent attitude is a kid who's trying to figure things out. This tape might save some lives and stop some overdoses. 

I won't lie, I enjoyed maybe 5 songs out of 15. But this album isn't for me, this album is for your first heartbreak and the thrill of living off your parents health insurance. He's not good at "rapping" but he's kind of okay at "crooning" like Post Malone. If you like Post Malone you'll like Lil Xan. If you hate Post Malone and think he's a culture vulture, stay away from Lil Xan; you might try to kill him. I give Total Xanarchy 4 Sneakerbots out of 9.