Bobby Valentino-Electrik

Famed Police Siren impersonator Bobby Valentino has had a 15 year career.

It’s mindblowing. He’s been famous since I was in puberty, sadly while I grew, he stayed the same height. Physically and career wise.

I was ready to write him off as a future Love and HipHop cast member but he stayed grinding. When he wasn’t getting caught sneaking out of Trans women’s houses he was in the studio creating.

Today he dropped Electrik and I am pleasantly surprised.

Bobby Valentino is one of those singers who you can tell can’t dance that well.  Every song and every harmony is very two steppable. This is music that you approach women to, it makes the walk over smooth and the possible rejection graceful. It’s a good vibe.

What also strikes me about this album is how regular Bobby is, he’s not a superstar and he still has to charm his way into some sex, I like it. Don’t get me wrong, Bobby’s rich but he’s not THAT rich. Listening to Electrik gives me the vibe that Bobby drives a high level Ford or a low level Mercedes. This is music you play in a car with a great front seat but no middle seatbelt in the back. You can drive with like 2 hoes MAX, the rest gotta take an Uber...X.

Bobby isn’t making sex music, he’s making “well let’s give it a shot music”. It’s PG-13, sexual but not Raunchy. This is what would play in a movie’s post sex scene where the blanket is pulled all the way up so you can’t see the actors are still wearing clothes.

I like this album, the songs are catchy, Bobby sings pretty decent, I could see myself buying flowers at CVS to this. I will admit the second half does kind of drag though. It’s sort of like he ran out of ideas and asked whoever was in the studio what R&B artists sing about. It’s sorta like he asked Siri to talk about Steve Jobs and used her passion to finish songs.

Overall this album was pleasant fluff, Bobby Valentino can make middle of the road music  for the rest of his life and have a career. And lowkey isn’t that the African American dream?

I give Electrik 6 “2 TGIFriday entrees for $20 wait what do you mean Shrimp isn’t included” out of 9