Chris Brown - Heartbreak on a Full Moon

When I first heard that Chris Brown was dropping a 45 Song Album I was expecting interrogation music for feminists. I was expecting the cocaine fueled rantings of a madman, but that's not what we got. 

Chris Brown is a very complicated young man, he's a tall light skin singer/dancer who can also rap, act, draw AND Dunk a basketball. There's no way a person with all those qualities grows up without a little bit of evil. If this was Star Wars he'd be a Sith Lord with a red bandana wrapped around his Red Lightsaber. 

Being Chris Brown has to be stressful. Imagine being so famous that anytime you get mad at someone it makes the news. Shit Imagine being so famous that liking a post on Instagram becomes an Instagram post in ITSELF! That's a lot of pressure. Now throw in all the Sith Lord evil and try to not to go on a killing spree, somehow Chris Brown avoids it.

Breezy should be the biggest thing in music, unfortunately he has a very checkered past, so as a result his contemporaries are given a bigger spotlight. Chris Brown is to Bruno Mars as Katt Williams is to Kevin Hart. He's better than everyone else, but he's too well known for Crazy shit.

Anyway I digress, Chris has to deal with a well earned stigma against his music, so as a result he constantly strives to prove his talent. So that brings us to Heartbreak On a Full Moon.

As I said before Heartbreak on a Full Moon is 45 songs long. That boils down to 2 hours and 38 minutes of Chris Brown. 158 minutes of Chris Brown. Passion of the Christ was 127 minutes long. Chris Brown made a an album longer than it took Jesus to die. 

Here’s a list of things I did while listening to Heartbreak On A Full Moon:

-Took a shower

-Got Dressed 

-Changed my Outfit

-Missed the Bus

-Walked to the barbershop

-Waited for 2 people to get Hair Cut

-Got a Haircut

-Walked to the train

-Realized I was 20 minutes early for the train

-Took a 20 minute train ride transferred another 20 minute train ride

-Felt Anxiety

By the time I finished the Album I almost cried, not from pain, but from Pride knowing that I made it to the end. 

Don't get it twisted though, Chris Brown makes good music, but it's not for everyone. The people that are going to love this album are the guys who treat girls like shit, and the people who are gonna hate this album are the guys who are in the friend zone of the girls who get treated like shit. 

Chris made a breakup into an album. He included the arguments, the apologies, the break up sex, everything that happens during a breakup. On a surface level it appears that Chris doesn't want to admit his wrongdoing however if you dig deeper into the album you can see that Chris just wants you to see his side. He knows he's wrong but he wants to explain to you why he did it. 

I went into this album ready to see Chris as a remorseless villain, but after 45 songs I think I see him for who he is. Granted it might be Stockholm Syndrome but I understand Chris's perspective. He's a guy who people either hate or love and see no middle ground with. He's like Cilantro, if Cilantro was on probation and had a drug problem. However no matter how you feel, Breezy will be a part of Music for a very long time. I give Heartbreak on a Full Moon 10 "Why You Brining Up Old Shit" Texts out of 11.