Tory Lanez - Memories Don't Die

Tory Lanez is a really talented dude. 

Like before we get into this review that has to be stated, Tory Lanez is really talented. He quietly might be more talented than Drake, unfortunately he'll never get out of his shadow. With that in mind it makes sense that Tory and Drake didn't get along, whats wild is that their beef lasted 8 years. Tory is 25, that means he’s had tension with a grown man since he was young enough to date R Kelly.

But that's all old news, Tory Lanez has been a part of many hit songs over the past few years and he works his ass off to make music, so lets get into Memories Don't Die. 

Tory Lanez is extremely talented but his problem is that he lacks creativity. He can rap, he can sing, but he can't come up with new shit. He gets accused of biting styles but in reality its his creative process. Tory's the type of guy who can't do something until he sees someone else do it. So his music is like taking a good Paint Nite class. The painting is great and your date is impressed but in reality all you did was follow directions. 

When I hear Tory Lanez music I'm not really inspired to do anything new, but I am inspired to put effort into things I've done a thousand times before. Tory makes music for buying a replacement laptop or filling your Gas tank. Actually, he makes music for the 2nd guy in a Train. Like you don't have the bravery to fuck First, but after you see your man do it, you can do it too. 

I don't want to shit on Tory too much, I mean the songs aren't bad, its just I've heard all this before. There are way worse options that Tory Lanez; this guy works too hard to make bad music, unfortunately he's not breaking new ground. He will always be the Buzz Aldrin to someone else's Neil Armstrong. It's up to him if he embraces it. 

I give Memories Don't Die 6 Winter Olympics Silver Medals out of 9