Tyler The Creator-Flower Boy

Tyler The Creator grew up before our eyes, he went from an angry adolescent to a cool nonchalant adult. First time we saw dude he was rapping about being a Nazi and eating cockroaches, just wild shit. Personally I think it was just virgin frustration put onto wax. But now after a few albums, some tours and a TV Show, Tyler has calmed down. 

Tyler has gone from being the mascot of "Black girls don't like me cuz I'm weird" to the future of Music and I really dig it. So when Flower Boy dropped I had to check it out.

Plus the internet was hyped up about Tyler potentially coming out the closet on this album, and I've never seen a rapper do that before. Unless you count Party Up by DMX, cuz that is the angriest Gay song I have ever heard in my life. 

Flower Boy is a really interesting album, and its only 45 minutes. Usually albums try to make time fly by for replay value  but Tyler lives in the time. It's musical equivalent of eating a lollipop from the bank with no impatient bites. There's a maturity to it; he's learned how valuable time is. 

Each song is expertly crafted and sincere. Tyler used to say wild shit for attention but it feels like he's finally understood the power of his deep ass voice. This makes his "coming out" more interesting. 

Tyler admits to kissing white boys since 2004. That's pretty much it, you can tell that later in the album he's worried his friends might judge him but honestly it's just a moment. Tyler has built this world where he worries about a lot in his life but taking care of his overall well-being is most important. 

Flower Boy was so good that I saw Tyler was charging $120 for a polo and my first thought was “wow I gotta get my money up”. Tyler made me feel broke without rapping about money. That’s crazy.

This is great music to listen to when you're on your way to work or mowing the lawn. It feels like progression. When the album ended I sat back and thought to myself about how much I've grown as a human being. I then sat back and realized that Tyler is a whole 3 years younger than me so I felt bad for myself but that's a whole other story. 

Tyler one of the best artists in Music today. That lanky goofy looking Nigga got some Talent. I give Flower Boy 8 Pairs of Vans out of 9.