Black Milk-FEVER

Black History Month 2018 is lit. I mean I knew we had to go extra hard cuz we got a racist Disney Super Villain president but YO. 

We got Black Panther, Blacc Chyna's sextape and Blac Youngstas Debut album back to back to back. It's a great mix of ratchet and dope.  Its a good time to have Black in your name. I think I might change mine to Black Tawanda. Actually nah that sounds like an unsolved Murder case from 40s Hollywood.

But I digress, this week we get an album from the midwest's best (living) producer, Black Milk.

Puns aside, Black Milk is an amazing producer from Detroit that doesn't get the credit he deserves because he's from Detroit. I don't know what the deal is with HipHop but the only rappers that get love in the mainstream are Big Sean and Eminem. But there's so much talent that doesn't get hype. To me Black Milk is one of those guys. 

Black Milk is a versatile producer, his beats vary from smooth to hardcore. He makes music that you can wear a turtleneck in WHILE you hold a gun. It's like Idris Elba in beat form. I was excited to listen to this album, but I honestly wasn't ready for what I was about to hear. 

I thought that this was gonna be another producer compilation album with mad other rappers. I didn't realize that Black Milk was gonna rap for a majority of the tape. I also didn't realize he was gonna rap about some real deep shit. 

Like, I'm used to producers making beat tapes with artists rapping. The raps are never too deep; its more lyrical exercise. But nope, Black Milk is out here rapping. I was ready for a lighthearted distraction and got a sincere effort. This is Little Women ATL all over again. 

This album is super deep and talks about issues of Police Brutality, but the hook is that the beats are so dope that you don't even notice you're growing woke-r and woke-r by the minute. This album is like Furious Styles from Boyz In Da Hood, it's cool, but it'll also keep you on your toes. 

Black Milk kinda raps like J Cole in the sense that he never tries to outshine the Beat. But it’s better cuz he doesn’t rap about losing his virginity on multiple songs.

I thought I was going to hear music to drive long distance too, but Black Milk gave me music to plan my finances too. This isn't a "turn up and live it up" album, this is "ok can I keep Hulu AND HBO Go?" album. 

Black Milk made an album for Wakanda's number 1 accountant. It's conscious but smooth enough that you'll get lots of work done. There's a very quiet confidence to Black Milk that I'm very impressed with. He knows he's talented and that he works hard, but he doesn't feel the pressure to prove that to you. He just wants you to hear whats in his heart. 

Black Milk's FEVER is a great album, if you get tired of the ratchetness or the fakeness of popular music, give Black Milk a listen. He's made the soundtrack to keeping yourself together in stressful times. 

I give Black Milk's FEVER 9 It's so cold in the D back up dancers out of 10.