Phonte - No News Is Good News

It's hard to think of being a Rapper as a career. 

Pop Culture never saw Longevity in Rap, 2Pac and Biggie were seen as best case scenarios. However times have changed and it is very possible to have a long rap career. But with the idea of a career comes the burden of a Job. With that burden comes Phonté.

Phonté is the best rapper from North Carolina and one of Drake's Idols. He's been lyrical, hilarious and thought provoking since he was in the underrated rap group Little Brother. Phonté also has the enthusiasm of Stanley from the Office. He clocks in and clocks out of the Studio, he might even bring a bagged lunch from home. 

Phonté is here to do what he's best at, no matter how much it may depress you. So with that said lets get into No News Is Good News. 

Before I started listening to this album I was getting ready to go out and be social, but the minute I pressed play my plans changed completely. I played one song, sat down and then couldn't see myself going out. Phonté is like the rap version of Judd Apatow, except he knows when to wrap shit up.

A lot of rappers try to hide their age in their music, no matter how old they actually are they're still the coolest kid in school. Phonté is 39 and does not have the energy to convince you otherwise. This is the music you listen to on your way to the Doctor cuz you just found out you have a history of Diabetes in the family. It's "you gotta do what you gotta do" music. As much fun as it could be to pretend everything is great, Phonté would rather talk about everything thats wrong. 

This album is depressing as Fuck. But not in a "oh no the world is ending" type of way, is depressing in that "shit I gotta wake up early on Saturday to go to my god Son's birthday party" depressing. If you just graduated from college or got a new job yesterday and want to feel good about life, don't listen to this shit. This album is heavy. 

However, if you owe money on your taxes or gotta talk to an insurance adjuster about a broken window. This Album is audio obligation. Don't play this before you go to the Club, play this album when you got what is hopefully Ingrown hair near your genitals. THE TIME FOR FUN IS OVER. 

Some of you might be afraid to listen to this album, and I get it, you don't want to be depressed or think about what life would be like without your parents, but trust me, this album is for you. This album is adulthood, no matter how much you try to run from it, it'll catch up to you. 

My only real complaint about this album is that Phonté doesn't sing enough. Because when Tigallo signs, all that hopelessness I described goes out the window. His singing doesn't distract from the despair, but it makes it tolerable. If this album had more singing, it would be a much happier album. But if it were a happier album it wouldn't have the weight it does. 

When I started listening to this album I was in a pair of Jordans, by the end of the 5th song I was in a robe and ready to stay in for the night. Phonté creates a mood, and if you aren't ready to deal with the responsibility of adulthood you probably won't understand. I give No News Is Good News 8 Jury Duty Summons out of 9.