Project Pat - Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin

This past Sunday, Jordan Peele won an Oscar for best Screenplay, becoming the first Black Writer to win Best Screenplay. In this moment of Black Excellence I was reminded of another great Oscar moment, Three 6 Mafias win for best Original Song in 2006. So on March 6, (3/6) I've decided to review my favorite Three 6 Mafia album. Project Pat's Mista Don't Play: Everythang's Working. 

Project Pat is one of the most influential artists in Rap. Without him we wouldn't have Gucci Mane, and without Gucci Mane I wouldn't have a hero. So Project Pat deserves his respect. 

On Mista Don't Play Pat is all business, every song is some real gangsta shit. And I mean REAL Gangsta. This is the album you listen to before you get PERMANENT Gold teeth. This ain't gold cap music, no no no. This is "You will wear Gold in your mouth til you DIE or get gingivitis" music. 

What really makes this album so cohesive is Project Pat's flow. Project Pat flow is hypnotic. You could summon the devil with this shit. Play a Project Pat song while you sleep and I guarantee you will sleep walk your way into committing a robbery. Project Pat doesn't so much brag about his criminal exploits as much as he just reminds you not to fuck with him. 

Project Pat makes villain music. You don't root for him in his gangsta tales. This is like hearing Deebo from Friday make music. On every song Project Pat is robbing friends, beating up his hoes and shooting at strangers. However his flow is so hypnotic that you don't realize you're willingly listening to a death threat. If that blue bug zapper that kills mosquitoes was Sentient it'd listen to Project Pat. 

Project Pat doesn't make being a gangsta look fun. I mean sure his slang is cool but that's cuz he's from Memphis. Most rappers try to make being a Gangsta Pimp look like the coolest thing you can be. Not Pat. Project Pat makes Pimping look like what it really is, criminal. There's no smooth "i choose you" rhymes, there's only "if you try to leave me I'll slit your whole throat". It's really uncomfortable to listen to but again that Flow sucks you in. 

I won't lie, this album is evil but it's really dope. This is an album you confiscate from your 12 year old cousin and play in your car when he isn't around. If I ever saw Project Pat in person I'd want to thank him for this, but I know he'd look me up and down and tap my pockets immediately. So with that in mind I'd just keep my distance. 

Mista Don't Play: Everythang's Working is a Classic, every rap fan should own this. I cannot say enough about it. I give it 8 intimidated witnesses out of 8.