Trouble - Edgewood

Everybody make Trap Music today. 

Everyone uses the word "Trap" in a playful way. 

There's Trap Yoga, Trap Karaoke, I think I even saw Trap Tax Preparation. "Trap" has been made real watered down and ironically, accessible. 

So before I get into this Trouble Tape, just know that when I say Trap, I don't mean any of that other shit. This is the real deal. Ok? This isn't a cutesy tape for you to play while you Jog, this is the tape you play while you Juug. 

Let's get into Trouble and Mike-Will-MadeIt's new tape Edgewood. 

I don't know too much about Trouble but I'm pretty sure I'm scared of him. He gives me old Gucci Mane vibes, which is bad in the sense that we wouldn't be friends, but good in the sense his music sounds legit. When Trouble talks about Shootouts and Licks you 100 percent believe they happened, what makes it really dope is that he says just enough to paint a picture without incriminating himself. 

Trouble doesn't glorify being in the streets, but it's the streets that made him so he has appreciation. Trouble raps about street life the way I would talk about my old Honda CR-V, It's not the safest, some things are very broken, but it helped get me where I am today. Having Mike Will on the beats also helps a ton. Mike Will is one of the best producers of our ERA, he can make pop hits for Miley Cyrus and Trap Anthems for Trouble in the same breath. The beats on Edgewood are really dope and help set the scene. Each beat on Edgewood sounds like a Stove turning on or a clip being loaded, it's really the Trap. 

This tape sounds like Danger, like, every time I close my eyes I picture a pit bull barking in Slow Motion. I'm conflicted because the music is so dope but I'd never go see Trouble in concert because I'd be way too nervous. Some new music makes you feel like you too could be a drug dealer, this music ain't that. Trouble makes it very clear you gotta be cut from a certain cloth to live his life. He's not a hero, he's not a villain, he's a Survivor. 

Edgewood is a throwback to early Trap music, there's no fun and games, there's no dancing, no designer clothes, just the music. This is a tape you smoke weed to and get paranoid that your Mom is setting you up. This isn't a tape for fun, this is a tape for anxiety induced productivity. This is a tape that'll make you take off your new shoes and put on some old shit because you don't want too much attention. It's stress.

Some people might wonder "why would I want to listen to all this stress?" and to that I say, it's necessary. If you're on your way to Trap Paint Night, listen to Edgewood first. You have to see the life that had to be lived for you to enjoy yours. It's not an easy listen, but Trouble is a great guide to this lifestyle. I give Edgewood 8 Burner Phones out of 10.