Wendy's - We Beefin

When I was a teenager me and my homies used to go to Wendy's after school every day. A dude working the register there used to hook us up with free

Wendy's dropped a mixtape. In any other time I would shrug this off as a corporate attempt to reach the "youth", but its 2018. Accussed Pedophiles are topping the charts and embarrassing radio shock jocks, anything is possible. Plus Wendy's has held me down at my brokest moments so I gotta support it. 

With that said let's get into We Beefin'. 

When I was a kid Rap Beefs were wars between two or more people who proudly sold poison the community. So when Wendy's decided to take shots at every other Fast Food Restaurant I see that tradition is still alive.

On each track "Wendy" isn't so much aggressive as she's coolly condescending to other restaurants. It's weird that she never talks about how her burgers all have lettuce on them. That's a point that should be discussed. I'm not sure who Wendy's got to do the rapping for them but this young lady can rap pretty decently. She's good enough to keep my attention but not good enough for me to research who she actually is. 

I just hope she got paid in money and not burgers, cuz paying a woman 75% of a sandwich is just DISRESPECTFUL. 

This tape is about 10 minutes long, which is crazy to think about because it feels like forever. This tape is just long enough to go through a drive thru and feel the initial regret of getting Fast Food. My real big issue, and it's petty as hell, is that this tape isn't on Tidal. Wendy's has the audacity to try and get me to be disloyal to Jay Z and I won't stand for it. 

It's a fun listen that'll distract you from the fact that corporations are doing anything they can to seem human besides actually treating people like people. So if you have some time to kill and you're tired of seeing accused pedophiles go platinum, check out We Beefin. 

I give We Beefin 3 Frosty's out of 5.