Every time I start typing his name in Google Chrome old porn pops up. It's awkward because I don't want to associate Erections with Rappers. 

I’ll get this out the way. I think XXXTENTACION is a bad person. He (allegedly) kidnapped and tortured his his ex girlfriend, he’s problematic in a creepy way plus he seems like the type to take his shoes AND socks off when he comes to your house. Terrible,

XXX is a bad person, but he is well aware of that. His whole energy is basically “You’ll never hate me as much as I hate myself”. When I heard the streets buzzing about his new album I knew I had to listen. I felt guilty about it at first but I spent 2 Hours listening to Snoop Dogg sing about Jesus last week so I figured I earned this. But I never forgot he beat up his ex girlfriend.

With that said lets get into “?”.

The first thing I noticed about this album (besides the fact that he beat up his ex girlfriend) is that XXX never really seems to enjoy himself, which is fair because enjoying him feels wrong. Enjoying XXXTENTACION feels like cheering for Joffrey Lannister. Matter fact this whole tape feels like that scene where Joffrey outsmarts Littlefinger by murdering the two prostitutes. I know he’s a villain and what he’s doing is reprehensible but I kinda see his point. 

XXX is not a good rapper, he IS good at making music. The whole “?” tape is really a journey through the different influences in XXXTENTACION's head. There’s some rap, some Punk, some reggaeton, there’s a lot here. This is the album you would play when you wanna wear Jordans with an Abercrombie Polo. He also beat up his ex girlfriend.

I gotta give him credit for having the range to make passable songs in every genre, but that’s as far as I can go. Some of this tape is really good, but some of this is really meh. I feel like XXX wanted to prove how diverse his musical palette is but it’s unnecessary. This is what you party to when you aspire to be a real Nigga AND the token black friend to some white bros. He also beat up his ex girlfriend.

XXXTENTACION has real talent and real potential, if he wasn’t a violent hate filled criminal who beat up and TORTURED HIS PREGNANT FUCKING GIRLFRIEND, he’d have more national attention. Personally I can’t even think of cosigning him till he goes to jail. This album is cool though. I give “?” 7 deserved jail sentences 10.