Rich Homie Quan - Rich As In Spirit

You can't write about Rich Homie Quan without mentioning Young Thug. 

Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug were inseparable as the Birdman Produced (and potentially molested) group Rich Gang. They complemented each other well and created one of the biggest songs of the 2010s in Lifestyle. For the wrestling nerds reading this they were like The Rockers, Thug was Shawn Michaels and Quan was Marty Jannetty. 

Unfortunately, much like The Rockers, things didn't stay sweet:

Thugger and Quan had a falling out and haven't made music since. While Thug has gone full Shawn Micahels become one of the most unique acts in rap, Quan went Marty Jannetty and wasaleft to the wayside. Granted he didn't face the drug probems Jannetty had but shit started going south. Homie forgot the words Biggie's Get Money Verse at a BIGGIE TRIBUTE. Something about that mistake really ruined his career, it was like when Ariana Grande licked those donuts; people just didn't look at him the same. 

Rich Homie Quan is back though, he might've stopped going in ( but he finally released an Album. So lets get into Rich As In Spirit. 

First things first this album is good. Quan takes that sing-songy flow as far as it can go. He talks about how his losses and regrets define him as the man today and everything sounds really sincere. Where most rappers call themselves the product of their environment, Quan takes full responsibility for who he became. The streets were always the streets, but people tried to steer him in the right path and he refused to listen. It's pretty deep. 

I was surprised that Quan would drop an album like this, he always came off a bit arrogant in his music before this. But I think taking some losses really humbled him. It took the fear of being Broke Homie Quan to bring the best out of Rich Homie Quan. This is great come back music. If you're in the gym trying to get right after a break up, listen to Rich In Spirit. This is great music to Jog AND cry too, at the same time!

This is a very emotional album, however Quan's flow is really bouncy and bright, so sometimes it doesn't exactly fit. It's like the audio equivalent of being depressed at a Surprise Birthday Party. This brings me to the real issue with this project. As much as it sucks to say, Young Thug could've REALLY helped bring it to the next level. Rich Homie Quan has the tools to be the full package as an 2015. This album while consistent, lacks real risk taking and Young Thug could definitely bring that to the table.

Right now Rich Homie Quan is sitting on the best album of his career so far, unfortunately it lacks the mainstream excitement. Young Thug on the other hand is in a rut of his own as his projects, while very forward thinking, lack consistency. Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug need each other more than the latter would like to admit. This album is consistent and should be appreciated by the masses but it's not looking like it'll get that shine, you should give it a listen though. I give Rich in Spirit 7.5 "Don't Look Like That" Ad libs out of 10.