Okilly Dokilly - Howdilly Doodilly

The Simpsons is my favorite show of all time. 

Wait scratch that, the Simpons seasons from 1989-2001 is my favorite show of all time. I can quote damn near every episode and still laugh at dumb gags like they just happened yesterday. The downside of being a Simpsons Fan is that you have to watch how awful it is today. Granted its not the worst show out but its not championship quality. Being a Simpsons fan today is like Being a Red Sox fan before 2004; you remember when we were great but, its over. 

Anyway the best thing about the simpsons today is that fans everywhere can easily join in on inside jokes. Any Simpsons reference is appreciated and revered. With that said, when I heard that there was a Hardcore Band dedicated to Ned Flanders, I had to listen.

I don't even like Hardcore music, mosh pits should end with gunplay every single time. You're gonna step on everyones shoes and punch them in the face? That's damn near a death sentence. But this band Okilly Dokilly is the shit. With that said, let's see what Howdilly Doodily is about.

My biggest issue with Hardcore Music is that I don't understand growls. I never played as an Orc in Warcraft, I don't understand this shit. But Okilly Dokilly doesn't just growl, they quote NED FLANDERS. 




wait actually one is Rod Flanders but still 





Once you get used to the joke, you can actually get to the music. The music is good. I don't know how to judge guitars and stuff but everything sounds really cool. 

If I wanted a giant tattoo of Ned Flanders on my sternum I would listen to this to power through the pain. 

This is music that you play with the chubby girl who's loved you for years, the music will get you so turnt that you wont see her parting her lips and leaning close to you. 

Oh this is virginy as fuck. I mean super virginy, like I argue about Wrestlemania 2000 in public virginy. 

Overall, Howdily Doodily is a quick fun trip. You don't wanna get too deep into the music because the fans are creepy but it's a good detour from time to time. I give Howdily Doodily 4 Stolen Power Sanders out of 9.