The Weeknd-Starboy


So Starboy,

The Weeknd is an interesting artist. He was a mystery when he first came into music but as time progressed we all discovered his level of talent and love of drugs. 

Starboy is a great album but it's hard to review it without comparing it to Abels cocaine contemporary, Bruno Mars.

24k magic sounds like a coke binge. It's quick and fun. Starboy is a cocaine lifestyle. 24k magic is like a bachelor party trip to vegas. Starboy is like doing cocaine off a MacBook in a 2002 Honda CRV. Completely different vibe.

This is a great album to listen to when you're driving anywhere people secretly resent you. Like a high school reunion or a baby shower.

Starboy is 18 tracks long which is long as shit for 2016. It was a real test for my attention span, especially since with a Simpsons Marathon and Gucci Manes snapchat readily available. But I made it to the end and I'm glad I did.
Starboy is both futuristic and ratchet, this is what they'd play at the expressions in the bad mall with no Apple Store.

The Weeknd used to make strictly fucking and druggin' music. However he's come into his own and now makes cohesive projects, it's kinda like a booty call that slowly becomes a relationship. It's weird when you explain how you met but it works.

Also much like Bruno Mars The Weeknd is inspired by Michael Jackson. So it's ironic that two men who love "the white girl" idolize a man that many thought was becoming a white gi-you get my point.

This album is a bit long but it really grew on me. It sonically peaks and valleys as it switches between frantic and subdued, but it's all fire. I give this 9 deviated septum out of 10.