The Top 5 Tapes of Gucci Mane #2: World War 3 Lean

One of my favorite things about Gucci is that he never stops recording music. 

Shit he records so much music that he has dropped 3 mixtapes on the same day MULTIPLE times. 

The best instance of this in my opinion was the World War 3 series, Gas, Molly, and Lean. Each tape was recorded with a different drug in mind and each had it's own unique sound. In retrospect I should've known he was gonna go back to jail because his drug consumption was out of control, but at the time I thought this was incredible. My personal favorite tape of the 3 was Lean. 

Lean featured Lean Gucci, the slurred and hyper aggressive Gucci who made some of my favorite nasally music. What also made this tape and this series so special is that he featured so many artists and gave them a real spotlight. It's like he invited a bunch of people over to rap whenever he fell asleep sipping lean. Matter fact every guest verse from PeeWee Longway, Young Thug and Young Dolph sounds a little rushed as if they were all trying to record before Gucci woke up. 

This mixtape also features the work of Zaytoven, C-Note and Mike Will Made It. Mike Will would later go on to produce the best music of Miley Cyrus's career. So without Lean Bangerz would never exist. Crazy right?

Some of these songs appear on other tapes, which is always a little disappointing, BUT it works because these songs fit the style of this tape. 

I will warn you though, if you're used to sober smiley Gucci, you will be surprised to hear this. The only love song on this album is a song dedicated to Lean. Yes, a romance song about Lean on a tape called Lean. Gucci Mane was on some shit. 

Stay tuned for my favorite Gucci Tape, these last 4 were cool but #1 is something real special.