What I've been listening to AKA why I haven't reviewed anything new.

So this Summer I wanted to review all the new cool shit that comes out. But A lot of it I just didn't care for, actually I was just preoccupied, that's a better word.


So now I'm going to do something different and show you what I've been stuck on. These are albums that I liked more than the popular shit. So I'll write about these quickly before I get to the mainstream shit.



Khalid: American Teenager 


This album caught me off guard because firstly this kids high top fade just looked uncomfortable, like son like really really cool but his looks like that's just mad work. Plus he tucks his shirt in so it's like I don't know, who does this dude think he is? But then the music starts and I'm flashed back to summer vacation, being broke and trying to get laid even tho I didn't have a car. This tape has the optimism of life before Student Loans. Young Dumb and Broke is a summer anthem.




Raleigh Ritchie: You're a Man Now, Boy.


Did y'all know Greyworm from Game Of a Thrones makes music? His alias is Raleigh Ritchie and his album is You're a Man Now, Boy. It's poppy and fun but it also has this sense of dread that only a man in his mid-twenties who fears adulthood can convey. Where Greyworm is ruthless Raleigh is sincere, this is straight "fake

Leather jacket and hoodie" music. Like this is what the "cool" floor manager at Express plays. If you can't see yourself trying to shoplift to the song "Young & stupid" you clearly aren't living life properly.


And there you have it, two albums by two niggas in the middle of their 2nd decades, definitely check these tapes out.