Meek Mill-Wins & Losses

Meek Mill is a better loser than he is a winner. He's better when he's trying to reach for the stars than he is when he's actually amongst the stars. For him to truly succeed he has to keep taking losses and doing dumb shit.

Meek reminds me of the Incredible Hulk, not because anger makes him stronger, but because negativity is what brings out his Potential. Meek needs to know that people are against him to create something for the people who support him. It's dumb and seems counter productive, but honestly, Meek don't miss. 

So with that, we got Wins and Losses. 

Meek makes the music that'll motivate you to get an A when your teacher told you to drop the class. He makes the music that'll make you wanna race the nigga in the Mustang when you're driving a Honda. Wins and Losses is amazing getback music. Meek makes underdog music for perennial champions. So it's no surprise he's a favorite of many (black) Patriots fans. 

However what makes it interesting is that Meek pushes past simple "I'll show you all how nice I am" and gets conscious about the state of being a young black man in America. He talks about the frustrations of trying to be your best when people only see your worst. It's pretty refreshing, and a little shocking at first til you realize Meek isn't some 24 year old rapper, he's 30. 

When you think about how Meek is 30 the swag rap on Wins And Losses starts to sound a little hollow. Like fam why you care about a chicks MCM? You've been alive for 3 decades, act accordingly. However the swag raps still hit hard so those thoughts about his age go out the window faster than a love letter from Nicki Minaj. 

Meek Mill is a sore winner but no one can rap with a chip on his shoulder like him. Meek deserves to be seen as a leader in the rap scene. Meek wants to be part of the dialogue as a top tier MC and Wins and Losses gives great credence to that notion. Good album. I give this 7 dirt bike wheelies out of 8