Young Thug-Beautiful Thugger Girls

Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls.

Young Thug can literally do whatever he wants. It's pretty impressive, as homophobic and misogynistic hiphop is, a guy who says he doesn't believe in gender is one its biggest stars.

And that's 2017 in a nutshell. Like` I remember 10 years before this everyone called Lil Wayne gay for wearing Leggings (and kissing Birdman on the mouth). How times have changed.

Speaking of Lil Wayne it's dawned on me that he'll never get back to his peak because Young Thug is everything we loved about Lil Wayne. So no matter how much better Wayne gets (and he has been) Thug will just be better. Thug is Lil Wayne in his prime with New Artist buzz. Weezy vs Thug is like comparing an iPhone SE to an iPhone 9.

Anyway Thug can do whatever he wants, so with that we have Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls. 

I dont know why Thug wanted to make a Country album. I think it's because Country is the only other Genre where you can talk about shooting guns and getting fucked up. I was excited to hear him try to do Country but after he said that first "Yeehaw" it became clear he doesn't know how to make country music. 

Like I'm sorry Thug but Country Singers don't say "shot that boy so many times they caught on fire" doesn't matter if you got an acoustic guitar in the instrumental, thats just not country music. 

But this brings up a great point, does Young Thug necessarily make any genre of music? If you judge him purely as a rapper you'll get one of those weird nosebleeds Eleven got in Stranger Things. 

Young Thug makes Young Thug music, its not rap, its not trap, its whatever he wants it to be. Much like he is genderless, he's genreless. This album is basically the sonic equivalent of wearing a dress. He's from the future. 

When you Judge this against his other work, this is a solid Young Thug album. It's not the best one, but it still stands out. It's like a generic Jordan release. The hype isn't exactly there but it's still appreciated. 

I'm not 100 percent sure what else to say about this tape, I enjoy it but it confuses me, like Maggie Gylenhall's face in everything that's not the Dark Knight. I give it 6 Lip piercing out of 11