21 Savage-Issa Album

21 Savage hit the scene and immediately answered the question : "what would Mad Max from Shottas sound like as a rapper?" Everything he says is horrific, everything he says sounds like a crime. And 21 is at his best when he sounds like a murderer.

21 Savage has lived a real life, a life so real that his casual description of his face tat "Issa Knife" became a phenomenon. So much so that He had to name his album, Issa Album. If you're wondering what's rapped about on the Album, all I can tell you is that Issa whole lot. (I 100 percent apologize for this pun, 21 don't kill me)

When 21 Savage raps about murder it's great, every line sounds believable as his voice is measured, patient and lacks signs of humanity like Flow or emotion. 21 rapping about murder is pure Mike Myers shit, and it's gangsta as fuck. What's striking though is that 21 doesn't just spit about people he'd like to kill, he raps a lot about love. And...it's weird. When 21 Savage raps about Love it's awkward because it sounds like he's cheating on Murder. However I respect him for attempting to get out of his comfort zone.

Issa Album is some shit you'd play on a date if you haven't gotten laid yet and want her to see your Dangerous side. Only problem is that you aren't really dangerous and your insecurity is blocking you from realizing she's wanted to sleep with you since your first date. Actually that last line might be too close to home for me, moving on!

This album isn't amazing because 21 is not a great rapper, yet. He tries to experiment with some new sounds and even raps over some of his own beats. It's pretty impressive to watch him learn how to be an artist, but I don't want to pay for amateur work. 

This album is the equivalent of watching someone learn how to ride a bike. There's a lot of stumbles but there is some potential. It's ok, not great. I give this 4 stuffed animals holding postcards that say "Please don't kill me 21 Savage" out of 10.