Jay Z- 4:44

"What happens when you Cheat On Beyonce?" is a question much like "what happens when a dream is deferred?", however instead of turning into a raisin in the Sun, cheating on Beyonce turns into 4:44. One of the most important albums of Jay-Z's career

Jay Z's career is a lot like the Simpsons; he's been a part of our consciousness since we were young, I like that he's still doing it but I just don't want the new shit. So to go with that metaphor 4 4:44 is like the Simpsons Movie. Jay has spent his career making songs about his come up as a drug dealer, conglomerate and a player, but on 4:44 he discusses his come up as a Man. 

The Big Pimpin Jay is done, the guy who was in the Jaguar switchin lanes with the top down is now screaming out "when's the last time we changed the twins?". Jay Z doesn't need to brag about flossing to show us he's successful. He would rather brag about how much he's matured to show us why he deserves everything he has. 

4:44 is an album you listen to after you get a promotion at work or go through a pregnancy scare. In times of major reflection you need to see how easily things can slip through your fingertips. This is music won't get you laid, but it will get you a cosigner on a business loan. 

My only issue with this album is that there's no where else Jay can go after this, this album is a summation of who he is as a Man. What the hell else can this nigga rap about? The best thing he can do is wait like 10 more years and rap about the inner workings of the AARP. 

I like 4:44 a lot but I don't want Jay to make too much new music. This is true growth and necessary listening for young men around the country. I give it 9 middle aged Niggas saying "what you young cats know about love" out of 10