G Eazy- The Beautiful and The Damned

I really should hate G Eazy.

I should hate everything he stands for. Arrogant White Rapper with a drug problem. Bleh. He looks like the kind of dude who didn’t vote for Trump but his roommate did.

But I don’t hate G Eazy. Gerald is a good dude, he’s the guy my friends used to sell coke to that would later invite us all to his beach house after the drug deal. With that said I had to listen to “The Beautiful and The Damned”

I think what makes G Eazy good is that he’s always him, no matter what’s going on. I hated his last album because he wanted to prove how dope he was at rapping instead of just focusing on rapping. However on The Beautiful and The Damned he just raps about being the shit and how he needs drugs to feel like the Shit.

Seriously this dude does a ton of coke, on the album cover he’s covered in blood,  he prolly made someone punch him because he “totally can’t feel his face”.

However beyond the coke Raps there’s a little substance that doesn’t have to do with being a white rapper. He raps about his mom, his girl, and the lifestyle that might kill him. It’s not exactly Illmatic but he’s pretty tolerable.

I also gotta give props to the fact he made Linguine a legitimate Adlib. It’s pretty impressive; rap Niggas usually don’t rap about Pasta.

Only downside of this album is that it’s 20 songs deep. Twenty is way to many songs for an album in 2018, we might die in a nuclear war so expecting me to give you a full hour and a half of my time is wild arrogant. However after listening to one of Young Gerald’s verses you shouldn’t be surprised he thinks we need 20 songs of this shit.

My favorite song on the album might be Eazy, where each verse is a different letter to himself at different points of his career. It’s not the greatest but I’m a sucker for “you don’t know how much I had to believe in this” music. It truly speaks to my ego. 

Overall I rock with this album, the production is good and Gerald tries to be himself  I’ll give this 5.5 ashy razor blades out of 8.