Top 5 Gucci Tapes of All Time #3 Free Bricks 2

President's Day weekend 2013 I was working an awful temp Job for 10 dollars an hour. On a cold Monday I had to commute to work and really hated everything, however one tape got me through it all. 

Free Bricks 2. 

For most people Free Bricks 1 is a legendary tape because its an official coming out party for Future, however for me personally, Free Bricks 2 is the superior tape.

Free Bricks 2 features my favorite Gucci, Motivational Gucci. Motivational Gucci will give you the strength and fortitude to make whatever you need to happen, happen. Along with him on this tape is Young Scooter, arguably the MOST motivational Trap Artist of our time.

Each beat is powerful and each verse is shrewd and selfish "fuck everyone else and do what you need to do to win". If Republicans weren't terrified by black people this tape would blast through the RNC, unfortunately they'll probably be playing Ted Nungent instead. 

This is the music you listen to when you gotta work an extra shift to buy those new Jordan's. This is the soundtrack to selling your books back at the end of the semester. Sure you'll only get 45 dollars back but that 45 will buy you a handle and some juice to mix it with. Keep Pushing. 

Free Bricks 2 works as a tape because there's not too much thought, its all about forward progression. Instead of focusing on where they've been, Gucci and Scooter focus on where they're going. This album got me to work on a freezing President's Day and I'm positive it'll get you through anything.