Mac Miller: The Divine Feminine

So this Mac Miller album The Divine Feminine. 

When Mac first hit the scene I wasn't a fan. He was 18 living his dreams and I was 21 and angry I wasn't on TV yet, so this was not a match made in heaven.

However he stuck around, which is pretty impressive cuz I wished him ill for a long time. Somehow my wishes never came true and he's still here.

Mac Miller consistently gets better at rapping, but a lot of the time he doesn't have anything to rap about besides getting high and not doing anything. Unfortunately for me anytime I get high, I get anxious that I'm not doing anything; so I have a hard time relating. 


But I give Mac Credit, he has a great work ethic.


This is an album you make scummy little babies too.


Like if you wanna take your girl out on a nice date and have sex in the TGIFriday's parking lot, this is the album to play.


I mean that in the best way too, Mac shows a lot of growth in this, this albums very inspired. It's kind of weird that these songs might be dedicated to Ariana Grande, cuz it's hard to see a bratz doll as a sex object.


It's even better when you realize Mac makes a lot of his own beats. That's an insane amount of work and it takes real vision to make all of it come together.


There's some songs here that are 8 minutes long which I thought was unnecessary until I realized "you're supposed to be having sex when you listen to this" and it all made sense.


Overall I liked this album, it actually made me feel things. There's a skit where an old woman talks about meeting her husband where I had to pause the tape and just stare into the distance. 


The cover of this album reminds me

Of birth control which is foreshadowing cuz in all the sex talk he never mentions condoms. So with that in mind I give it 4 unplanned high school pregnancies out of 5.