Travis Scott: The Birds In The Trap Sing Bryan McKnight

Travis Fucking Scott.

If you love everything Kanyes done in the past 3 years, You have Travis Scott to thank. If you hate everything Kanyes done in the past 3 years you have Travis Scott to blame.

Travis Scott is the awkward bastard child of the Atlanta rap scene, while other rappers are trapping and getting at hoes, Travis is walking the streets with chapped lips and a chip on his shoulder.

I didn't wanna like him because in ways he reminds me of the parts of myself I'm not proud of, but dammit he's TALENTED, and "Birds in the Trap Sing Brian McKnight" is proof of that.

The sounds, influences and melodies of this tape are really amazing. So amazing that you don't notice that this whole tape is about drugs. Like from beginning to end this tape is about drugs.

And it's not even like cool drug talk, like as depressed as Future is he makes lean sound like it'll save his life. Travis on the other hand says the full scientific names of the drugs he's doing.

Alot of people brag about doing DMT but Travis is the only one to call it Dimethyltryptamine. He really researched the shit and what's fun about learning about what's going into your body? Exactly, NOTHING.

But it works. This is a testament to Travis's genius. Travis took a simple subject like getting high and made it a masterpiece. I'm really surprised that I liked this tape as much as I do. Pick up the Phone is my favorite song of the year. Through the Late Night is the sequel to "Day N Nite" that I didn't know we needed.

I rock with this tape. I give it 5 awkward daps with no eye contact out of 6.