City Girls - Girl Code

Earlier this year I heard two young Women rap their ass off about scamming and dating drug dealers. It was some of the scariest music I had ever heard in my life. I mean sure Styles P threatened to boil my kids and Gucci Mane threatened to cut off my fingers, but these two female rappers broke down how they’d break my heart into a million pieces and that was HORRIFYING. It was also some of the most fun music I’d heard in a long time. I instantly became a fan of the City Girls. They reminded me of the Migos but instead of seeing Gucci Mane as their inspiration, they looked at Trina as their GOD.

Unfortunately by the time I discovered the City Girls, JT was getting ready to go to prison on a scamming charge. While it was shitty that JT had to go to jail, she went for Scamming, which mad the music that much more legit. I know its wrong but it’s nice to hear rappers commit the crimes they rap about in real life. It’d be like seeing Tom Cruise really run and jump on to a motorcycle or seeing Sylvester Stallone get CTE in a boxing match. These chicks are really bout that life.

With all this said, the City Girls have dropped their debut album and I couldn’t wait to give it a listen.

Let’s get into Girl Code.

It is very OK.

This album reminds me of the Migos debut album Yung Rich Nation. That album was good but it wasn’t complete because Offset was locked up for a majority of the recording. The same thing happened with JT’s incarceration.

While Yung Miami is a very serviceable and charismatic young lady, it is clear that she builds off JT. This album is like playing Double Dragon on single player mode. It’s cool, but it’d be way smoother with the other half of the duo.

Don’t get twisted, this album is full of twerk anthem’s and “steal his chain while he’s sleeping” music, but it doesn’t hit as hard as it should. This album feels like waiting for your best friend to get out of detention. I got dressed to this shower and forgot to put on a shoe. Remember that song Incomplete by Sisqo where he talks about how awesome his life is but since he doesn’t have his girl it’s not fulfilling? That song could’ve been about Girl Code. It is almost a classic. It has the beats, the guest verses and the songs to be great, it just needs a present JT and a relaxed Yung Miami.

Don’t get it twisted though, this is music you’ll see strippers excited to twerk to. It’s fun hoe music, if you need music to listen to while you look for Fashion Nova promo codes, listen to Girl Code. It’s got some bops.

Overall Girl Code is fun but it’s not as fun as it could be because JT is in jail. I almost feel like I can’t fully review it because it’s incomplete. Much like the Deontay Wilder/Tyson Fury fight I was bored for most of this album but I was still excited for the sequel. I give Girl Code 6 Blonde Lace Front Wigs out of 10.