Hey y’all!

It’s been a while, a lot has happened. However this isn’t a Diary, let’s get to what everyone cares about. REVIEWS.

I figured since I’m in London, I’d review a London artist. So, who better than Dave? Dave is a rapper so dope he can go by the name Dave and it just works. He had a dope single that Drake hopped on a few years back, so you know his future is bright. British rap doesn’t get the props it deserves but Dave is doing what he can to  show people what these UK niggas have to say.

With that, let’s get into his new album Psychodrama.

I’ll admit, I have a soft spot for introspective albums. I live in my head 85 percent of the time so when I hear someone else do the same, I get hella hype. Psychodrama goes a bit further than that though as this is an introspective CONCEPT album. This whole album is basically meeting with a therapist. I know this has been done before (Tyler the Creator’s Goblin) but I’ve never heard a British nigga do it.

Simply put, this is awesome. Dave is amazing at expressing himself, he’s a skilled rapper but honestly his talent takes a seat behind his sincerity. Everything Dave says sounds like the truth, when he’s sad he’s sad, when he’s stressed he’s stressed, when he says his homies aren’t to be fucked with you know they will beat you the fuck up.

Dave raps in a way that tells me he’s either crazy young or can’t grow a beard. No matter what he raps about, whether it be survivors remorse or a miscarriage, there’s an innocence there. He fully understands the weight of his words but a part of him hopes rapping about it will change true circumstances. In these instances the concept of the album truly shines, the therapist steps in and encourages him to be as vulnerable as possible. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

This is the type of the album you’d listen to in high school when things are overwhelming, or when you’re coming off Molly and your serotonin levels are depleted. Dave doesn’t have to be happy. He just needs to tell you how he’s feeling.

I really like this album, it’s like what Bandersnatch was trying to be without all the gimmick Black Mirror shit. A troubled young man is pouring his heart out because he knows he needs to get better. I really rock with it.

Dave is one of the best rappers out of the United Kingdom, when he comes to New York, I’ll be there.

I give Psychodrama 9 pairs of Air Max 97s out out of 10.