Meek Mill - Championships

Meek Mill is the Rap Version of Rocky.

Meek has taken some embarrassing Ls, been sent back to jail for some bullshit reasons but despite everything he’s consistently made good music. What’s most impressive about him is that he gets stronger after every L. Seriously, dude went from being a laughing stock to being good friends with Billionaires. When the Philadelphia Eagles came out to Dreams and Nightmares at the Super Bowl I knew the Patriots were gonna lose. He’s that powerful.

At the end of the day Meek might lose bad, but when he wins, he Wins.

Let’s talk Championships.

My initial reaction is that I fucks with it. Meek let the chip on his shoulder go to spend more time talking about the struggles of his peers and the youth. Yea he’s taken some Ls, but he’s been blessed with a network of people that keep him afloat, a lot of people don’t have that and Meek doesn’t forget. Sure he spends (too many) songs focusing on hoes, but his over all message is pure.

Meek has matured a lot in the sense that he doesn’t have too many gun bars on this album. I mean yea he can still get you shot, but HE’S not the one shooting. It’s more implied than implicit. He’s gone from making death threats to making offers you can’t refuse. That’s growth.

This the type of album you listen to while you do UberEats deliveries with your girlfriend in the front seat. It’s good “we’re gonna get through” music. Plus there’s enough filler to distract her from the fact you’re basically a delivery boy except instead of Pizzas you’re delivering Chicken Tikka Masala and Ben and Jerry’s hoping to god the two bags don’t cross contaminate.

Yea it’s mad filler on this album, I totally understand why rappers want 16+ tracks but it’s 2018, I’m listening to music while I’m tweeting, writing an email and staring at the same pair of shoes on StockX. 13 tracks is enough. Forreal.

The other thing I wasn’t crazy about on this album was Rick Ross’s one verse. If you’ve heard if you already know what I’m gonna say. If you haven’t, Rick Ross uses a gay slur and it’s especially offensive because it is entirely unnecessary. Like let’s keep it G, if he said some shit like “Drag it” or “maggot” Or referenced Daggit from Angry Beavers it’d almost

make sense; people get written into corners. But FAM, Rick Ross had an amazing verse and ruined it with one line. That verse was like watching Hank Hill score a touchdown and then break his ankle on the two point conversion. Rick Ross almost won state.

Anyway I digress, Championships is a long, but great album, Meek has matured and shown that his experiences have made him a better rapper. He’s officially my favorite rapper from Philly who can’t grow a good beard. I give Championships 8.5 of those rolled up beanies niggas wear out of 10.