The Diplomats - Diplomatic Ties

When I was a kid, I was a giant power ranger fan. I thought Tommy was the Truth. However as I got older I noticed that Tommy went from being the ultimate hero to a 40 year old man who has a green streak in his hair who also sells “Jesus Wouldn’t Tap” shirts. I grew up, he didn’t.

With that said, The Diplomats just dropped an album in 2018.

I saw the cover with the bad Dipset tattoo on that Girl’s titties and I had hopes. But just like that tattoos battle against gravity, I knew I was about to be letDown.

So with no more ado...Let’s get into Diplomatic Ties.

This shit isn’t trash, but it is sad to listen to. A couple of months ago I watched The Undertaker wrestle a bald Shawn Michaels. This album feels just like that.

Rappers need to just know when to let it go. The Diplomats gotta hang it up. On IG Jim Jones is constantly working out, I realize now it’s because he needs the strength to carry Juelz and Cam’Ron from track to track.

This album is the equivalent of hanging out with all the cool kids from your high school who only wanna reminisce about how fly they were and say shit like “yo, remember when you were a virgin?”  It’s just a bummer.

What’s really trash is that this isn’t a talent issue. As I said before Jim Jones is rapping his ass off, Cam’Ron is still one of the best to ever do it, Juelz is there. The problem is that they wanna rap about fly dope dealer shit, I’d rather hear raps about the lives they’re living now. I wanna hear Cam rap about having his own sneaker but losing Juju. I wanna hear Juelz rap about drug addiction how he lost his teeth. I wanna hear Jimmy just rap. 

i also never need to hear Un Kasa rap again. Dude spent an entire verse rapping about owning Warhol’s and being the best rapper ever, like bro what year are you in? Nigga, at least rap about Basquiats. This dude got his verse out an old pair of Air Brushed Girbaud Jeans  

Seriously Jim Jones holds this whole shit together and if you told me that in 2004 I would’ve called you a Liar.

It’s a real bummer of an album because they’re so focused on former glory that they can’t build for the future. This shit is like watching Bernard Hopkins last fight where he fell through the ropes. I really wish this didn’t exist.

Overall, I didn’t know what to expect, a part of me hoped I’d hear a nostalgic journey to my childhood. I got the journey to my Childhood, but unfortunately all I felt was embarrassed. I give Diplomatic Ties 3 Way Better Jim Jones solo albums out of 10.