Kendrick Lamar-DAMN.

Kendrick Lamar. Kung Fu Kenny. Comptons savior and arguably the greatest rapper alive. 

Some might say some hippoty hoppity nigga I've never heard of is better but Kendrick is the best rapper who's accessible to the most people. How can some dude from Spokane be the best rapper Alive if 15 virgins are his fanbase?

This nigga Kendrick is good at rapping the same way Kenyans are good at marathons; trying to find an alternative feels like a force. This dude is the best rapper alive by a wide margin. However being the best rapper alive is like being the best iPhone case the market; and not everyone wants an Otterbox. 

Enter Damn. 

Now as I already said Kendrick is the best rapper of his generation, so it's hard to criticize the music because technically it's so sound. All I can really do is touch upon the content.

Kendrick's cool but sometimes he goes off the deep end. He's like the guy at the barbershop who sells high quality bootleg DVDs. While you're amped that he's got Fate of The Furious he tries to sell you on the Willie Lynch Theory and the power of Dr Semis oils. 

I don't know what happened to him, maybe he got scratched by a Hotep's ankh so every full moon he has to speak on the fate of the original man. K-Dot goes from being Kane to Shareef(if you don't get this reference that's you're own fault). 

When he's not rapping about being a black Israelite the music is dope. Kendrick makes good "I'm gonna shoot this nigga and read law books to beat the case" music. 

Shit even his "I've made but am I really successful??" Music is dope. Kendrick is a very versatile artist who can do a variety of things but he's at his best when he sticks to one topic. 

Its weird, sometimes on this tape it's like he's trying to get the fans back he "lost" on To Pimp A Butterfly. I know this album isn't as good as To Pimp a Butterfly because it's too easy to listen to. 

I could go on and on about this point but I would just be repeating myself. Damn is a good album but it would be a much better mixtape. I give this 8.5 Henny Pint bottles out of 10.