Drake-More Life

Drake is the Tom Brady of rap; he doesn't lose, he just wins less than usual.


Tom Brady's greatest shame is being drafted in the 7th round. He cries thinking about it. People go undrafted and have to find jobs selling cars. Tom Brady is depressed by the thought that he didn't get drafted FAST ENOUGH.


Much like Brady, Drake laments about the time when he wasn't the man, when he had to share hotel rooms with his homies and could sleep in sororities without girls taking pictures of him. It's a pain he will not let go.


Brady got bogged down with cheating rumors around the same time Drake got hit with Ghostwriting facts. Both fought the accusations/reality and came out the other side. Brady was punished with a 4 game suspension while Drake punished us with Views.


In the year 2017, Brady shut his haters down with another ring and Drake shut the internet down with "More Life".


More Life is classic Drake in the sense that he is arrogantly sad. Drake is the best at bragging about how awesome his life is while still being depressed. He gets lonely and sends drunk texts like the rest of us, except he's texting Jennifer Lopez.


Yep, homie thinks about JLo the way we think about people that ghosted us after 3 tinder dates. He's living in a different world.


Now onto the music itself, a lot is made of Drake stealing from other artists, I'll say this, he does steal, a lot. But it's not as malevolent as it's made out to be. Drake steals the same way you copy someone's workout at the gym, it's not to take credit as much as it is to improve his own form. 



Drake travels to the U.K. to work with grime artists and it's really cool because introducing us to new Music. Although British rappers sound weird cuz they're so mad with these proper accents...how mad can you be if you can name drop Cersei from Game of Thrones?


Actually that Game Of Thrones made me realize Drake copies so many flows and accents that his new name should be The Many Face 6 God. 


All that aside, it's fun to hear Drake rap as a 30 year old, he raps about smoking weed and taking muscle relaxers. Like, that's not flexing, that's just adulthood. Drake doesn't wanna turn up all night, he just wants to sleep watching Daredevil on Netflix like the rest of us.


Overall this isn't Drakes best album, but it's far from his worst. This isn't coming back from a 28-3 deficit to win the Super Bowl, but I'm sure Tom Brady will listen to More Life while he polishes his rings.


I give this tape 5 passport stamps out of 7