Revisiting Tha Carter 2

Tha Carter 2.

Maaan Lil Wayne used to love rapping.

Like the act of it just made his day. You can always tell the people who are best at a thing are the ones who used to be terrible.

A lot of rappers have natural talent, BIG picked up a mic and just knew what to do. Lil Wayne didn't. I remember a dude said "I've been on lil Wayne since Wobbeldy Wobbeldy" those were legit Wayne lyrics. 'Wobbeldy Wobbeldy".


Lil Wayne took his time learning how to make songs, what he lacked in natural talent he made up for in drive and determination. This lead him to his best album, Tha Carter 2.


Tha Carter 2 picks up right where Carter 1 left off, Weezys dreads are longer and his desire to be the Best Rapper Alive is stronger.


This is Lil Wayne at his best, rapping about selling crack. We've seen skater Weezy, pussy eating Weezy, eccentric artist Weezy, but there was no better Weezy than Crack selling Weezy. It's pure Pyrex pot music.


This album was so good it made rapey ass Robin Thicke relevant. Shooter was a smooth collab that showed how excited Lil Wayne was about making music.


As you go track to track it's like watching a kid who just learned how to ride a bike ride down the street popping a wheelie, he's not just comfortable on tracks, he's happy he can fully express himself in ways he couldn't before.


This isn't Wayne at his best. That is yet to come, but this is Wayne at his most cohesive. So for that I gotta give this a 9.5 out of 10 dread clips.