Young Thug "No, My Name is Jeffrey"

So "No, My Name is Jeffrey"

I wasn't planning on buying this tape but I got drunk and I couldn't wait the week or two it takes to hit Tidal. I'll be damned if I go back to Apple Music. But I digress.

The cover was real dope and eye catching. Some people are gonna be confused but here's the thing, Young Thug can do whatever he wants.

When Young Thug first started he was buying clothes the girls section of Macy's. Now he's wearing dresses made exclusively for Men. That is Progress. He's like Jaden Smith if he grew up in his dad's neighborhood.

With that said, Young Thug is arguably one of the most talented people in music today. He started off as a Lil Wayne clone, then became a Lil Wayne replacement, and now he's an undefinable entity.

That brings us to No, My Name is Jeffrey.

This tape is interesting, Thugger experiments with a lot of sounds, and musical themes. Where most people see his "mumble rap" as an impairment it allows him to traverse genres with crazy flows and tonal shifts. He doesn't limit himself to words, and as a result he creates something completely unique.

You know how they say 85 percent of communication is nonverbal? Young Thug raps in that 85 percent. I don't know what he's saying but I rock with it.

Now here's what really sets Thug apart from the rest. Cuz any rapper can sip lean while wearing a dress, it's not hard. But Thug brings the best out of the people around him, that's true talent. The feature verses on this tape are amazing as Thug allows them to push themselves to higher plains. Thug lives in a world on his own, but he'll allow you to reach those heights with him if you try.

He's like ET, except instead of Reese's Pieces he just eats Molly pills.

This dude has infinite potential and will never stop doing what he feels; I can't recommend this tape enough. I give this 7 dental implants out of 9.