#HipHopHiatus Marian Hill: Act One

First stop on #TheHipHopHiatus is Act One by Marian Hill.

I found this album as I was looking for a Gucci Mane replacement on Tidal. I accidentally clicked on it and thought the cover was cool.

This album is so good I might start dating white Girls again.

It's got some dope EDM influences without all the drugs and douchey half shaved heads. While she's not a vocalist, Marian sings from the heart and her producer holds her DOWN.

I listened to this tape and I just wanna wander through Chicago as I come down from Extacy. Which is what I think she was going for.

Idk how long the hiatus is gonna last but I'm off to a good start.

I give this 7 droopy summer hats girls wear out of 9